7 Reasons To Throw A Team Bonding Picnic This Spring

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Team bonding activities are critical to the long-term success of every business. The last few years have made face-to-face interactions nearly impossible, but now that circumstances have improved, a team bonding picnic could be a great way to inject excitement and energy into your hard-working team. 

Here are just a few benefits of throwing a well-planned team bonding picnic in San Diego: 

1. Enjoy face-to-face interaction.

If your San Diego team has been working remotely for the past few months and even years, they’ve likely missed having in-person conversations and fun team-building activities. Hosting a picnic is a great way to put faces to new names and re-unify the team.

2. Eliminate barriers between senior and junior employees.

For just a few hours, employees can freely interact with each other, without minding the seniority gap. Junior and senior employees can share funny stories, details of their latest travels, and hobbies they’ve taken up recently. In this informal environment, team members will naturally relate to each other on a personal level.

3. Enjoy a good view and fresh air and sunshine.

Set your San Diego corporate picnic in a spot with a view; either at a park, at the beach, or in the mountains to wow your team members. You could also ask team members for recommendations.

4. Get creative with food.

Bring out the charcuterie boards, fruit, and sparkling beverages and your team members won’t want to leave. You could even hire a caterer to take care of the food for you. Call Picnic People to explore menu options and get assistance with planning your next San Diego corporate picnic.

5. Strengthen relationships.

Engaging in easy going conversation in an informal setting is an effective way to build trust and strengthen relationships. No need to hire motivational speakers or team coaches if you haven’t taken the simple step of hosting a picnic.

6. Appropriate for all budgets.

Depending on the size of your team, a picnic typically doesn’t require renting a space, paying for speakers, setting up equipment, or planning a program. A picnic can be as spontaneous and informal as you’d like.

7. Let go of stress, get an energy boost, and have a great time.

A picnic set in a relaxing and refreshing environment could help alleviate stress and mend tensions that may have arisen due to lack of in-person interaction. 

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