7 Tips For A Successful Family Reunion Picnic in San Diego

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A family reunion picnic is a special occasion — one that requires careful planning. If you’re thinking of hosting one in San Diego, here are a few tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.

1. Choose a date that works for everyone.

Before you do anything, ask every family member for a date or dates that work for them. If family members will be flying in from out of state or driving long distances, they need to have a date that’s far enough ahead of time so that they can make the necessary travel arrangements. Summer is usually a busy time, but springtime or fall could be more convenient.

2. Prepare the guest list.

Second on your to-do list should be to create the full guest list. Be sure to include extended family members, and their spouses and kids. The size of your extended family will determine the size of the venue or location you’ll need to accommodate them.

3. Select a location.

A few venues you could consider include a local community center, beach, or state park. Outdoor locations are great for enjoying fresh air and sunlight. But if your family reunion will be held during a rainy season, consider whether you’d like to play it safe by hosting the event indoors.

4. Send out the invitations.

The invitations are an opportunity to showcase your creative skills and get everyone excited about attending your family reunion. Be sure to include detailed directions and a list of items that guests should bring to the event, such as lawn chairs or themed accessories.

5. Hire a caterer and/or picnic planner.

A large family reunion picnic in San Diego could benefit from the help of a professional caterer and planner, such as Picnic People. We’ve been serving local residents for many years and have the picnic planning process down to a science. We’re happy to plan the menu and the activities for you.

6. Plan party favors.

Make the event memorable by creating thoughtful party favors for guests to take home. Consider making personalized T-shirts or other items that your family members are sure to appreciate.

7. Prepare the entertainment.

Last but not least, create a music playlist that will get the feel-good vibes going as soon as your guests arrive. Don’t forget to bring the speakers, but most importantly — have fun!

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