Custom Corporate Party Themes

Sick of the boring and predictable party themes created by your company? Then it’s time to shake things up. Here are a few theme ideas for an unforgettable corporate party that you’ll be glad you attended.

1. Dishwasher Water Park

The LG Quadwash dishwasher was brought to life with a dishwasher-themed inflatable water park. To generate buzz for the event, social media influencers dressed up as their favorite foods and raced one another through the water park’s cycles. Consider ways your company’s products could be turned into a water park and you’ve got a solid idea.

2. Camping Retreat

No need to drive to the mountains to have a camping retreat. Simply set up tents, beer pong, wooden tables, a campfire, jumbo chess, and a s’more bar and you won’t need to wonder if anyone will show up. For entertainment, hire guitarists and astronomers to interact with guests.

3. Electrified House Party

Tech company employees will appreciate an event featuring advanced gadgets and tech in an electrified house party. Absolut threw a house party celebrating its Electrik bottle, with a robot band, drone barbacks, and biometric bracelets. Not only was the event an unforgettable experience, it was a smashing success in the media.

4. Block Party

Take your party outdoors and onto the street with a block party. AOL had drone-led obstacle courses, celebrity meet-and-greets, and well-known artists singing the latest hits.

5. City of the Future

Inspire employees to look ahead with a futuristic party with LED video walls, transparent OLED screens, and a lit-up model city of the future. A blue and gray color scheme will add a futuristic touch to the event and create an awe-filled atmosphere.

6. Hollywood Lights

Celebrate your favorite films and TV shows with a Hollywood-themed party. Go back a few decades to celebrate Grease, Austin Powers, and The Godfather. Survey your employees to pick a few favorites everyone will enjoy.

7. En Blanc

Host a “Dinner in White”, first made popular in Paris during the late 80s. Use white linens, lanterns, and white statues to set the mood. And encourage guests to wear white.

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