Fun Grad Party Games Everyone Will Enjoy

Every party needs games to keep guests entertained, and a grad party is no exception. Since grad parties aren’t as common as birthday parties, take advantage of the occasion to introduce the following new and exciting games.

1. Guess Who

This game is best for parties celebrating multiple graduates, as it challenges guests’ knowledge of grads. As each guest arrives, pin or tape a card to their back with the name of a grad. Have each guest ask yes or no questions of other party guests. The first person to guess the name of their grad wins the game.

2. Grad Through The Years

Take out the embarrassing baby photos and print them out. Mix the photos and have guests order the photos in chronological order. The team or guest who correctly places the photos together wins!

3. Pin the Tassel on the Grad Cap

Print a giant grad cap banner and challenge blindfolded guests to pin the tassel on the banner. The guest who pins the tassel closest to the marking wins!

4. Around the World Ring Toss

Grads may go out of town, out of state, or even out of the country for the next step in their journey. To celebrate this, place globes on the ground and have guests throw large hula hoops over the globes. The team with the most successful throws is the winner!

5. Superlatives

Celebrate graduates’ best memories by gathering their best photos and pinning them to a wall. Provide space below each photo for guests to write their own superlative about the grad in the photo. At the end of the party, read out the superlatives and hand the guest-endorsed photos to the graduate.

6. Find the Key to Success

Depending on how open your guests are to getting messy, this could be a fun game to play. Fill buckets with opaque materials like shaving cream, slime, or whipped cream and place a few keys in each one. Create teams and use a timer to see which team finds all of their keys the fastest.

7. Grad Party Trivia

Hand out quiz sheets with questions about the grad. You could ask questions about the grad’s favorite sport, music artist, TV show, or movie. The person with the most correct answers is the winner.

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