How to Host a Creative Office Thanksgiving Party

You know what it takes to host a Thanksgiving dinner party — turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie — but what about an office party?

For those of us in the workforce, there is much to be grateful for, especially considering all that has happened over the past two years. If you’re looking for ideas on how to give thanks as a company, here are a few ways to get started.

1. Plan a “Teamsgiving”.

Have each team member sign up to bring a dish and a gift for a specific office member. Set a dollar amount minimum and maximum that everyone is comfortable with and encourage them to be creative with their gifts.

2. Create a “Thank You” wall.

Rather than just saying “thank you” to each employee, encourage each employee to write a thank you note for each coworker with something specific. You could also do a “holiday gram”. Ask each employee to submit three names of coworkers they’re grateful for, along with a message, and display them in TVs throughout the office. You could also pledge to donate $1 for each employee recognized.

3. Retell funny office stories.

Thanksgiving is a great time to look back and have a laugh at funny office moments. Consider asking employees to recreate those funny moments in front of coworkers who didn’t witness those events. If there’s a comedian in the house, encourage them to do a quick standup routine poking fun at employee and boss quirks.

4. Play Pumpkin Bowling.

To play this game, find a round pumpkin and set up toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, or water bottles as pins in the parking lot or hallway and have a company-wide tournament. Present the winner with food or candy prizes that they can take home with them.

5. Hold a recipe contest.

Any bakers or natural-born chefs in your company? Now is their time to shine! Ask them to bring in their favorite Thanksgiving dish and have other employees rate them. The winner gets a special prize!

6. Organize a giving activity.

Thanksgiving is a time to give back to the community. Give employees time off to volunteer, either at a soup kitchen or food drive, or build a house with Habitat for Humanity. You could also host your own community event to raise funds for a local charity.

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