How to Plan a Family Picnic

It doesn’t take much effort to throw together a family-friendly picnic. You don’t need picture-perfect parks, matching colors, or Instagram-worthy charcuterie boards to have fun and build memories. Here are a few tips for planning a simple yet enjoyable family picnic any time of year.

1. Keep the food simple

Busy moms and parents with full schedules don’t need to plan an extensive picnic menu for their little ones. Simply pack light snacks or leftovers that you know your kids will eat. Crackers, cheese, berries, and juice is all it takes. Keep it simple and hassle-free.

2. Pick out a picnic basket or bag

If you’ve got a toddler or infant, a bag may be a better alternative to a picnic basket. A large tote bag or a backpack that can carry your blanket, food containers, and a few toys is all you need.

3. Pack picnic essentials

A few picnic essentials you should pack in advance include sunscreen, water bottles, extra snacks, books, extra utensils, and small toys.

4. Bring a wagon

To make it easier to walk from the car to the picnic spot with all of your belongings, use a wagon for quick transportation. Skip the stroller and pack your kids and picnic bag into the wagon.

5. Choose the perfect location

It doesn’t take much to impress kids. You don’t need a grand view or picture-perfect sunsets. A nearby beach, park, balcony, or playground with a grassy area will do just fine. And if it starts raining, build a makeshift tent using blankets and sofa pillows in your living room to host your picnic.

6. Prepare kid-friendly games

Frisbee, catch, tag, treasure hunts, board games, and books is all it takes to keep kids entertained. Water balloon toss, hide and seek, musical chairs, jenga, and face painting are a few more activities your kids will definitely enjoy.

7. Pack a few special treats

 Bring a few of your kids’ favorite foods and treats to share at the end of the picnic, or as prizes for winning a game. A snack mix, cupcake, lollipop, or candied nuts will be the cherry on top for your child’s family picnic experience.

If you’d like help planning a family picnic or want Picnic People to prepare kid-friendly picnic foods, give us a call to place your order!

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