How To Plan The Perfect Fall Picnic With Help From Picnic People

We tend to think of summer as the best time for a picnic, but in sunny Southern California, fall is still warm enough for an outdoor picnic. Regardless of where you live, fall picnics are a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful colors of falling leaves, warm spiced cider, and all of your favorite fall flavors.

1. Keep it simple.

If this is your first fall picnic, no need to plan a royal feast. A few basic foods to bring to your picnic include bread, jam, honey, cheese, protein, fruit, and beverages. Choose a few options for each category, and keep the portions bite-sized. Your local grocery store should have a good selection of cheeses and hams, but stick to flavors you know and enjoy. (Save the experimentation for another occasion.) Don’t forget to bring sauces like mustard and relish.

A few great fall fruit options include apples, figs, grapes, and pears. Pre-wash and cut them into edible pieces to keep the picnic simple.

Hot apple cider, hot chocolate, or pumpkin spiced teas are a few popular fall beverages. You could even serve drinks in mason glasses for a special touch. 

2. Add fall decor.

No need to lug real pumpkins and squash with you. Opt for plastic or plush ones that you could also use at home for decor once the picnic is over. Bring a few fresh flowers and a vase to set as the centerpiece of your fall picnic. If you’re serious about bringing the “fall” to your fall picnic, use brown, orange, red, and green containers and utensils. Cutting boards don’t have to be used for cutting — consider using them to serve foods and add extra stability.

3. Don’t forget the details

Wrap silverware in cloth napkins and place in a basket or tin pail. For a homemade feel, transfer snacks into rolled-down lunch bags set on a tray. Depending on how large your picnic is, stock a tub with seasonal beverages, such as apple wine, pumpkin ale, or cider.

4. Bring a few blankets.

Don’t forget that fall means cooler temperatures. Bring a few extra blankets to keep guests warm as the sun sets.

If you’d like more ideas for fall picnics or some help with preparing games, reach out to Picnic People!

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