How To Take Your Graduation Party To The Next Level

You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to throw an unforgettable graduation party. With just a few tricks, you can make your party unique and fun. Here’s how.

  1. Create fun photo booths.

Why hire a professional photographer if you can set up your own photo booths? Photo backdrops are inexpensive and can be reused for other occasions. And with the help of a few smartphone apps, you can edit your photos to look so professional no one will know you did it all yourself!

2. Hire a professional caterer.

Unless you enjoy recipe hunting, grocery shopping, cooking, and baking, leave this step to the pros. Picnic People has catering down to a science and we’ll save you hours of work. Not to mention, you’ll have the opportunity to actually enjoy your party, rather than worrying about the food.

3. Create the perfect party playlist.

Before your guests arrive, be sure to turn on your favorite party-themed playlist to set the mood. Either create your own or choose a pre-made playlist from your preferred music streaming service.

4. Give guests the opportunity to give grad advice.

If you ask, you’ll get nuggets of wisdom from people of all walks of life, and across all life stages. Prepare a stack of notecards for guests to jot down advice for the road ahead.

5. Mind the presentation!

How you organize the dessert, fruits, and drinks will impact the mood and atmosphere of your grad party. Scroll through Pinterest for exciting ideas and find something that appeals to you.

6. Create a Polaroid Guestbook.

Depending on your budget and how many guests you’re expecting, a Polaroid Guestbook is a great way to capture silly moments and happy faces.

7. Create an open card box.

Expect to receive graduation cards at your party. This means you’ll need a box to gather all of these cards. Get creative when decorating the box.

8. Don’t do everything yourself!

You’ve already done the hard work of graduating, so ask family and friends to help out with the planning and execution of all your ideas. They might even have items and decorations you could use.


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