Our 5-Step Picnic Planning Process

At Picnic People, event planning is a perfect science that can be summarized in five basic steps. Our process ensures every event — from casual office lunches to large company picnics — is executed flawlessly. Here’s what you can expect when hiring Picnic People for a corporate picnic in San Diego.

1. Gather the details

We begin by learning about your company, your event goals, and your budget. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes and know how to make every event work regardless of limitations. Our team keeps track of every logistical detail and creates a comprehensive roadmap to ensure the necessary tasks are completed on-time.

2. Scout the perfect location

San Diego is a picnic lover’s paradise. From parks and beaches, to venues and stadiums, we’ve executed events in the best spots across San Diego. We’re happy to recommend the best location according to event size, budget, and date and take care of securing reservations and permits. Our team will also determine the appropriate setup approach. 

3. Obsess over the details (it’s a healthy obsession)

Once we’ve locked in a location and date, it’s time for the fun part: planning the theme, food, and games. We have multiple menus for you to choose from and we’re happy to offer customization options for attendees with dietary restrictions. Choose from Texas-style brisket, pulled pork, kabobs, burgers, hot dogs, wings, nachos, mac and cheese, and street tacos. Our team will prepare and serve your favorite picnic food to satisfy every taste palate.

We can also create a plan to promote and market the event to attendees. If you’d like a DJ or live music, we can also help coordinate this.

4. Set up the gear and turn up the music

The day of the event, our team will arrive early and begin setting up. We’ll get the music going and ensure every guest is excited and thrilled to be at your picnic. You get to relax and enjoy the day while we take care of execution.

5. Wrap up and clean up

Picnic People staff will be present for the duration of the event to answer questions, coordinate games, and keep the energy going strong. Once the event is over, we will take care of tearing down and cleaning up to ensure the space is as clean as we found it.

Ready to plan your next corporate picnic in San Diego? Contact Picnic People today to get started!

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