Picnic People Offers Delivery For Team Lunches

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San Diego businesses looking to host a special lunch for their team have an exciting and delicious option at their disposal: Picnic People’s box lunches. Offering a convenient and flavorful solution, these boxes are sure to leave your team both satisfied and rejuvenated for the workday.

The Deluxe ‘Wich Box

A hearty and upscale choice, the Deluxe ‘Wich Box from Picnic People is perfect for teams who enjoy a touch of luxury with their lunch. Contained in each box is a gourmet sandwich prepared with fresh ingredients and accompanied by a variety of mouth-watering sides. The combination of flavors and textures ensures a delightful culinary experience. Businesses can pick and choose among multiple sandwich options to ensure a varied and customizable experience for their team.

The ‘Wich Box

For those who desire a straightforward yet delectable lunch, the ‘Wich Box stands as a perfect option. Like its deluxe counterpart, this box offers a choice of tasty sandwiches made with premium ingredients. It’s streamlined for simplicity but does not compromise on taste or quality.

Fun Communication Games for Teams

Enjoying a great lunch is one aspect of team bonding. Engaging in interactive communication games during the lunch break can provide not only amusement but also enhance teamwork and interpersonal communication.

  • Another Way to Say

Drawn from, this game promotes vocabulary expansion and creativity. Participants take turns saying a common phrase or word, and others try to express the same idea using different words. It’s a playful way to enhance clarity and avoid miscommunication.

  • Say it With Feeling

An exciting spin on traditional communication, participants in this game express a neutral sentence with a given emotion. Watching colleagues say “I bought a pen” with utmost excitement or deep sadness is both hilarious and insightful into the nuances of emotional expression.

  • Guess the Emoji

In today’s digital age, emojis are often a part of daily communication. In this game, one person describes an emoji without naming it, and others guess. It’s a light-hearted way to understand interpretations and enhance descriptive skills.

  • Twenty Questions

A classic game that requires deduction and clear questioning. One person thinks of an object or concept, and others have only 20 questions to figure it out. It enhances both the art of questioning and answering with precision.

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