Team Bonding Activities For Picnics

Team bonding doesn’t have to feel forced or cheesy. If you try any of the following games at your next corporate picnic, the entire team is guaranteed to have loads of fun!

Team bonding bingo

This game is a great way for employees to learn about one another. Create short descriptions for each square that reveal fun facts about individuals. Encourage teammates to talk to one another to find out who fits the description in each square. The first player to connect five boxes in a row or diagonally, wins!


If you’ve got employees who love to cook or bake, a potluck is a great opportunity for them to show off their hidden talents. Post a sign up sheet in advance so that everyone has a chance to write down the food item they’ll be bringing. Then, encourage employees to share their recipes at the potluck.

Team mixtapes

An employee’s favorite song or artist can say a lot about their interests and personality. Encourage employees to create mixtapes around a specific theme, such as empowerment, love songs, or rainy day music, and share them with the team.

Board game hangouts

Ask team members to share a few games they played growing up and bring these games to your next corporate picnic. Whether that’s monopoly, dominoes, or chutes and ladders, these games are guaranteed to bring back some serious nostalgia!

Personal surveys

The best way to get employees to connect is to create short, fun personal surveys that ask questions like, “What was the first concert you attended?” or “What are your pet peeves?” You can also quiz team members to see if they can guess which team member gave which answer.

Improv games

There are so many improv games you can play to get employees acting spontaneously. A few fun games include Questions Only, Sell It To Me, and Party Quirks. In Party Quirks, give a few attendees a prompt that they must act out during the event. A few fun prompts include:

  • Leonardi da Vinci trying to figure out how to use Zoom
  • A person who just discovered Elvis and thinks he’s still alive
  • An unlicensed, untrained doctor who has to perform surgery
  • A dog who can speak English, but only insults

Play multiple rounds so that each player gets a chance to act out a part and guess another person’s quirk.

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