The 8 Benefits of Corporate Team Building Activities

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When companies take teamwork and unity seriously, corporate team building activities can provide many benefits. From building friendships and unity, to inspiring productivity and creativity, corporate team building activities and events, such as company picnics, are well worth the investment.

  1. Building friendships

If work is only about results and performance, employees will quickly lose interest and start looking for a friendlier workplace. But employees who build friendships with colleagues are more likely to be engaged. Team building activities are great opportunities for employees to get to know one another and to meet new colleagues from other departments.

2. Boost company culture

Demonstrating your commitment to a healthy company culture could include events like picnics and company lunches. Having fun together shows your team you care about their personal enjoyment in the workplace and helps increase employee retention.

3. Uncover hidden talents

A resume won’t convey every skill and talent an employee possesses. But corporate team building activities can give managers great insight into their employees’ hidden talents that may be utilized in the workplace.

4. Increase team unity

When employees are put in teams to complete a task with the goal of winning a prize, the benefits spill over to workplace responsibilities. These activities increase team unity across the board.

5. Create shared memories

Newly-formed teams and new hires may struggle to connect due to a lack of shared interests or experiences. Corporate team building activities build shared memories that will connect and unite employees.

6. Inspire productivity and motivation

Isolated employees are more likely to struggle with completing tasks, leading to reduced productivity. Team building activities will help employees release stress and recharge.

7. Strengthen communication

Though conferences, webinars, and lectures on how to improve communication offer some benefit, ultimately, employees need opportunities to practice communication. Corporate team building activities are a great way to strengthen communication within teams and across the entire organization.

8. Stimulate creativity

To find a solution or complete a task, employees will need to flex their creative muscles. One way to strengthen their creativity is through team building exercises.

Picnic People has helped many companies increase engagement and build unity through corporate picnics and activities. Give us a call today to begin planning your next corporate picnic.

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