Why Throw a Corporate Picnic in San Diego This Summer

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It’s not too late to throw a corporate summer picnic in San Diego, if you haven’t already. The weather is perfect and employees are likely to be back from vacation. If you’ve never hosted a company picnic before, here are a few reasons why you should!

1. Picnics are an employee favorite.

Picnics can be as engaging or relaxing as you’d like. Employees can choose to enjoy good food and good conversation, or they can get active by playing sports and games. Either way, a corporate picnic will boost corporate morale, keep employees motivated, and unify the entire company.

2. Meet coworkers’ family and friends.

A corporate picnic is an opportunity to learn more about your employees and managers. Executives can get to know the family and friends of employees and strengthen relationships in an informal setting. These bonds will help improve performance in the workplace and support company growth.

3. Everyone will love the food.

Whether you choose Mexican, American, or Hawaiian food, everyone will enjoy the food. Picnic People offers appetizers, entrees, and hand-held foods that will please every palate. From burgers and salads, to BBQ and hot dogs, our food is made fresh and delicious. Feel free to give us a call to learn more about our picnic menus!

4. Enjoy some outdoor fun.

A picnic is a great way to level the playing field. CEOs can compete against managers and interns, and test their skills in ways they don’t typically do in the office. We’ve got everything from soccer and volleyball, to frisbee and bingo. Let us know what kinds of games you’d like, and we’ll bring all of the equipment.

5. Meet strategic company goals.

You don’t need to hold a meeting or in-office lunch to bring employees together. A picnic will naturally spread positive energy and reinforce corporate values.

6. Stay within the company budget.

A corporate picnic is a budget-friendly alternative to expensive getaways, seminars, and gala dinners. We have all of the food, equipment, and games you need to host a fun and memorable corporate picnic in San Diego. 

Give our team a call to discuss your next picnic and let us help you plan it!

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