4 Games To Knock Your Next Picnic Out Of The Park

Outdoor potato sack race participants

Summer picnics are a great way to build family memories and spend time with friends. If you prefer active picnics to calm and relaxing picnics, then you’ve got to try out the following games.

1. Three-Legged Race
The three-legged race is a classic appropriate for all ages. It’s easy to understand, fun to play, and gets everyone laughing. You’ll need bandanas or strips of fabric to tie the legs of participants together. Line the teams up at the starting line, shout “Go”, and see which team crosses the finish line first.

Of course, once the kiddos have burned all their energy, you’ll need to feed them again — so be prepared with hearty snacks!

2. Balloon Stomp
This game is wildly popular with kids and teens alike. Simply blow up a few balloons, tie one balloon to each participant’s leg, and challenge players to stomp on each other’s balloons. The last player with their balloon intact is the winner!

3. Water Balloon Dodgeball
You’re never too old to play water balloon dodgeball. You’ll need to fill up a bucket (or two — or more) with water balloons. Create two teams and have one person at a time try to throw a balloon at a player on the opposite team. If a balloon hits a player, they are out and must leave the game.

You can expect this game to escalate into a full-blown water balloon war so be sure to have tons of balloons ready. Not a single person will leave the picnic dry — that’s a guarantee!

4. Outdoor Twister
For this game, you’ll need spray paint in four colors, a 12-inch circular stencil, and a spinner. Use the stencils to spray paint a grid of colored circles. Have participants take turns spinning the spinner. When the needle stops, they need to follow the directions on the spinner (for example, place your right hand on the red circle). If a player is unable to complete the command without falling, they’re out. The last player still on the ground is the winner.

Once you’re done having a blast and need to refuel, there’s not a better caterer in all of San Diego than Picnic People. So give us a call! We’re happy to bring the food — and the games, too!

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