Fun Games & Activities To Offer At Your School Carnival

A school carnival is a fun experience for students, families, and faculty members. It’s an opportunity to strengthen relationships, make fun memories, and usher in a new school year. To make your school carnival a hit, here are a few games and activities to plan for.

1. Ring Bottle Toss

Collect 10 to 15 empty wine or beer bottles, rinse them, and remove the labels. Fill them halfway with sand or water to weigh them down and purchase plastic rings for the toss. Have participants stand at least five feet away and try to throw a ring over the neck of a bottle.

2. Dart Balloons

Inflate a pack of balloons and use tape to secure them to a board. Instruct players to stand a few feet away and throw darts at the balloons. Popping a balloon earns points that will go towards a prize.

3. Knock ‘Em Down

Stack large metal soup cans in a pyramid and have participants throw pitches to knock the cans down. The more cans are knocked down, the more points a player earns.

4. Three-Legged Race

The three-legged race is another fun game to play. Tie two legs of two players together and have teams compete to reach the finish line.

5. Egg-in-Spoon Race

Place an egg on each participant’s spoon and have them run down a winding course to the finish line.

6. Water Balloon Toss

Have players stand across from each other and toss a water balloon to each other. After every toss, instruct players to take one step backward. If a player fails to catch a water balloon, the pair is eliminated. The last pair standing is the winner.

7. Face Painting

Kids love having their face painted to look like their favorite animal, superhero, or princess. Hire artists to paint their faces at your next school carnival.

8. Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are a temporary souvenir of the carnival experience children will enjoy getting ,whether on their hands or feet.

9. Bounce House

A bounce house is the perfect activity for kids with seemingly limitless energy.

10. Obstacle Course

Last but not least, create an obstacle course with varying levels of difficulty that both children and adults can enjoy.

If you’re ready to start planning your next carnival, call Picnic People for help with food and entertainment.

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