5 Reasons to Host a Company Picnic This Month

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At first glance, a company picnic may seem like a needless expense, but the truth is, picnics offer many benefits to employees, managers, and the company’s future success. Here are a few reasons why San Diego companies should host a picnic this month.

1. Demonstrate commitment to employees

In the midst of layoffs and economic uncertainty, a company picnic demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of employees. It shows employees that the company is willing to work things out in the toughest of times, and employees will respond with gratitude and greater devotion.

2. Break down barriers

Throughout the year, employees work hard within their departments to meet sales quotas, goals, and key benchmarks. But a company picnic breaks down the walls between departments and provides opportunities for employees across the company to connect and form relationships in a casual and relaxed environment.

3. Show support for families

Employees with families balance the needs of work and little ones every day. Show employees, you appreciate their sacrifice by hosting a picnic that includes their loved ones. Kids will enjoy great food, fun games, and meet their parent’s boss. You may even inspire a child to work hard at school to someday become a great employee at your company.

4. Inspire gratitude

Picnics aren’t a must for companies, but when employees see their CEOs attending a company picnic, it inspires gratitude and affirms purpose. Picnics foster employee loyalty and encourage them to continue being a valued part of the company.

5. Reward employees

A picnic not only rewards employees but also gives managers and leaders a sense of pride in being part of something bigger than themselves. When you see people enjoying an event that took weeks or months to plan, you are repaid with smiles and laughter all day long. 

If you have any questions about planning a picnic in San Diego this month, reach out to Picnic People. We’ve perfected the science of picnic planning and have everything you need to ensure your next company picnic is a wild success. We have multiple menus, catering, and delivery options, as well as equipment and entertainment options everyone will enjoy. Give us a call today!

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