5 Reasons to Try Virtual Events Hosted by Picnic People’s Captain Picnic

Picnic People is offering businesses and families the opportunity to schedule a virtual event hosted by Captain Picnic. Who doesn’t want to laugh at a really bad 80s game host as he tries to keep the audience entertained for two hours? 

Businesses, families, retirement homes, and groups of friends can connect and spend time together through virtual events that could involve activities such as trivia, bingo, dance competitions, and fun spoof infomercials. 

If you’re still on the fence, here are just a few reasons to hire Captain Picnic to host your next virtual event.

1.Endless Options

Captain Picnic has an arsenal of games, jokes, and routines to entertain a wide range of audiences. From bingo, live game shows (such as The Price Is Right), and magic tricks, to scavenger hunts, virtual yoga, and bar trivia. 

Watch a recent Virtual Family Feud hosted by Captain Picnic.

2. Hands-On & Interactive

Each event is designed with the audience in mind. Those who would like a passive experience will enjoy playing bingo while listening to background music. High energy audiences, such as employees working from home, can come by their employer’s office to pick up a kit that they will complete at home during a virtual event. Employers can also include a food basket or cocktail basket to enjoy together (virtually).

3. Family Fun For Everyone

Captain Picnic is a smash hit with families as well. Take-home food boxes and activity kits, such as painting and kite-making, will keep kids excited and engaged as they follow Captain Picnic’s directions during the event. Popular family games include bingo, The Price Is Right, and dancing competitions. Winners will receive $50-gift cards and other fun prizes.

4. Leveling the Playing Field

It’s not everyday that a janitor or security guard gets to compete with the CEO for first place in a dance-off. Captain Picnic will bring everyone together and ensure everyone has a fun and memorable experience.  

Watch a recent Jeopardy game hosted by Captain Picnic.

5. Spontaneous & Personalized

Every audience is different and that is why every virtual event hosted by Captain Picnic is different. He will custom-tailor activities and comedy routines to the unique interests of the group to make the event truly engaging and unforgettable.

Give Picnic People a call to learn more about hosting a virtual event with Captain Picnic. We all need some fun and laughter every now and then!

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