5 Things to Consider When Planning a Picnic

A picnic is a great way to spend time with family and enjoy the outdoors, whether at a park or in your backyard. Here’s what you need to know about planning the perfect picnic.

  • Baskets are great, but don’t forget the cooler.

If you want to enjoy cool beverages, be sure to bring a cooler and some frozen ice packs to keep drinks and snacks cool. You can also bring frozen ice packs.

  • Get creative with the menu.

When planning a picnic menu, choose recipes that are easy to make and that won’t cause a mess when eating outdoors. You could bring a honey lime berry salad, sriracha cheese grilled corn, grilled chicken avocado salad, sweet maple barbecue chicken kabobs, cookie sandwiches, and lemonade.

Of course, you could just give Picnic People a call and we’ll bring the menu and the picnic to you!

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  •  Bring small, soft cushions to sit on.

In addition to a picnic blanket, consider bringing a few soft picnic pillows to sit on. You could even match the blanket with the picnic pillows to create a truly beautiful and luxurious experience. If you’re having your picnic at the park, be sure to bring a waterproof mat to slide underneath the picnic blanket to keep everyone dry.

  • Set the mood with music, flowers and other finishing touches.

Whether you like blues, jazz, acoustic or feel-good modern music, create your playlist ahead of time and bring a small portable speaker to play your favorite tunes. You could also bring fresh flowers and a small vase for a beautiful and classic picnic look and feel.

  • Keep it simple.

The longer your list of things to prepare and bring, the more time you’ll spend feeling stressed and anxious. A cheese board is a great way to simplify the picnic menu if you’d rather not spend hours in the kitchen cooking. Use serving trays to keep the platters, glassware and drinks on a level surface and give your picnic a casual and elegant look. Last but not least, consider using cloth napkins instead of paper napkins to keep them from flying away.

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