5 Tips For Hosting A Picnic This Fall

No, picnics aren’t just for summer. In fact, cooler weather can make picnics even more appealing. Falling leaves, a light breeze, and the harvest season create a picnic-friendly environment too good to pass up.

Here are a few tips you should consider when planning a fall picnic.

Tip #1: Organize the picnic menu by grocery store department.

A few categories of foods you should include are produce, dry goods, condiments, bread, dairy, and deli. You could choose a regional specialty or go with an international style across all food items. Be sure to prep the food as much as possible before the picnic, to avoid invoking the ire of hangry guests.

Tip #2: Place a napkin in a plastic bag with pre-cut food to absorb moisture and keep food fresh.

Nobody likes soggy sandwiches or mashed fruit. Be mindful of how you pack food at home and how long certain items stay fresh. Some items can be pre-cut, while others should be cut right before serving.

Tip #3: Use leafy green vegetables to cover empty spaces.

Parsley, kale, collard greens, and romaine lettuce will create a great contrast between other picnic foods and the utensils on the picnic table. You could also add different colored onions, bell or hot peppers, lemons, limes, and garlic for some extra zest and color.

Tip #4: Create multi-level displays for easy viewing and serving.

No need to buy fancy platters, just set a bowl, empty berry containers, and cardboard boxes upside down and under the tablecloth to create interest.

Tip #5: Include warm and cozy food items.

Since we’re talking about fall picnics, foods like butternut squash soup, apple cider, and hot chocolate are absolute musts. 

Tip #6: Keep desserts simple.

Picnics are meant to be enjoyed, not to be spent dealing with messy desserts like chocolate mousse and glazed cakes. Stick to cookies, brownies, and bars. You could also bring seasonal fruits, like apples and peaches, and skewer them to make fruit kabobs.

If you’ve traveled this summer and haven’t spent much time with certain family members or friends, a picnic is a great way to reconnect and make memories. Feel free to reach out to Picnic People for help with food, games, and planning!

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