6 Benefits to a San Diego Company Picnic

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Because company picnics are crazy fun and budget-friendly events, they look good on both your corporate calendar and bottom line. Everything from your picnic menu to picnic activities creates a great experience extending far beyond your company’s outdoor event. Here we give you six great reasons companies should host a San Diego picnic!

6 Reasons to Host a San Diego Picnic

  1. Employees’ Favorite

Company picnics are the most highly rated employee event nationwide. Just looking forward to a company picnic is sure to boost corporate morale. This play day shows that hard work is balanced by good fun. Employees will appreciate this reward and return to work with rejuvenated motivation. Expect this demonstration of corporate pride and employee appreciation to attract and retain valuable employees.

  1. Include Everyone

Encourage employees to invite their friends and family to hours of smiling and laughing with their co-workers. Employees will be proud to introduce and share their lives in and out of the office. The relationships and support that forms at such inclusive corporate events strengthen your corporate structure.

  1. Picnic Menus Satisfy All

Companies also choose a picnic because they know that the food will satisfy everyone. Many guests enjoy traditional picnic food with fond memories from their past. But we also appreciate the value of adding an artistic flare to rejuvenate and broaden the appeal of old favorites. No matter the type of food, which is not only fresh, tasty and made on-site, it guarantees to please everyone from the meat lovers to the vegans! For more picnic menu ideas, take a look here or speak to one of our picnic pros!

  1. Outdoor Fun

Everyone arrives to a picnic in casual clothes, ready to compete on a level playing field. Status barriers no longer exist when the CEO and children are playing lawn games. Our outside-the-box planners love innovative picnic games like bubble soccer. Team activities are a favorite company picnic activity because they build trust and camaraderie among employees.

  1. Complement Company Goals

Our professional picnic team encourages “strategic picnicking.” This means everything from your picnic decorations to party favors reinforce your corporate values and ambitions. As a one-stop picnic caterer, we remove all the stress of planning and executing your company picnic so that everyone can relax and play. When company picnics flow seamlessly, a contagious positive energy takes hold of the event that comes back to the office.

  1. Budget Friendly

Picnics are more casual affairs that lend themselves to cost-effective decorations, menus, venues and activities. Our picnic professionals are experienced in creating spectacular events on any budget.

Helpful Picnic Tip: Start Planning Early!

It’s best to start planning your San Diego picnic early. The earlier you plan, the more likely your picnic venue and date is available. This will also give you plenty of time to get your picnic permits in order.

Our picnic pros are ready to help you join the hundreds of thousands of San Diegans who are glad they chose to attend one of our festive company picnics. For more creative picnic ideas, contact us or look at our blog.

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