6 Totally Awesome Fall & Winter On-Site Events to Start Planning Now

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Raise your hand if you’re excited for the holidays! *raises hand

Oh yeah, that’s right. Well, seeing as how you’re still reading, we’ll just assume it’s raised.

We’re pretty fond of the holidays, mainly because that’s when we get to start showing off our on-site FUNctions. We transform office spaces, warehouses, parking lots and more all over San Diego into fun factories. For one day (or maybe two, that’s totally up to you), the sounds of mouses clicking, phones ringing and forklifts beeping are replaced by the sounds of rocking disc jockeys and employees laughing with their managers over ridiculous photo booth pictures.

And we love it! We want you to throw an on-site FUNction for your business this holiday season because we know your team will love it too. Here are six totally awesome on-site FUNctions to reward your team for all their hard work this holiday season.

An On-Site Halloween Party

Our on-site Halloween parties are full of ghoulies and ghosties and three-legged beasties that are actually just the accounting department in costume. Adult costume parties are just one of the features that make these haunted hangouts super fun for your team.

We start it up with a BBQ lunch of delicious brisket, corn on the cob, tossed green salad, pumpkin bars and apple cider punch. Once you’ve fed your team of monsters (monstars?), you can all enjoy navigating a straw bale maze or carving out some bedazzled pumpkins. How do we bedazzle a pumpkin? You’ll just have to give us a call and find out!

A San Diegan Fall Festival

Want all the fall fun without any of the scary stuff? We can deliver it to your team with a casual festival of the autumn season—right there in your backyard (or parking lot, whichever you’d prefer!)

Imagine that same delicious BBQ lunch complete with all those succulent sides. If you’re still hungry, there’ll be plenty of great carnival eats like popcorn, cotton candy and corn dogs. You’ll chow down while we set up a full carnival-style midway with ring toss, bingo and double shot basketball games. It’s the perfect way to prime your team for success and finish the year strong!

A Thanksgiving Luncheon

You know what we would be thankful for? The chance to throw an awesome Thanksgiving-themed on-site FUNction for your team.

You know what your team would be thankful for? Getting to eat some of this juicy carved turkey!

Our Thanksgiving luncheon on-site FUNction is full of all the best traditional Thanksgiving fixings, including stuffing, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes & gravy and of course, the turkey! Afterwards, you’ll enjoy more activities like a company trivia challenge or an exciting scavenger hunt!

An On-Site BBQ Tailgate

Want to get your team psyched for college football season? How about turning your Fridays into game days? Tailgate season is officially here, and we want to turn your workplace into gameday central with an awesome big game tailgate!

We’ll fix your team up with all the proper tailgate foods like brats, dogs, wings and pretzels. We can even furnish a full bar service with plenty of beer and wine. Afterwards, feel free to toss the pigskin around, or we can set up a fun cornhole tournament for company bragging rights!

A Hopping Holiday Office Party

Sing it with us now: Oh, the weather outside is… well, gorgeous. But 65 degrees and sunny in December isn’t going to hold us back from bringing the north pole to your workplace with snow machines and a holiday office party extravaganza.

Our holiday menus feature all the proper tastes of home, including traditional turkey or ham, fresh corn off the cob, stuffing and that yummy gravy. And since it’s a time of year for food AND family, we can even make an exception to our employees-only rule with some stockings and arts and crafts for the little ones. If you’re all good boys and girls, maybe we’ll even get a visit from jolly ol’ St. Nick himself!

A Happy Hour for a Happy New Year!

Who says the New Year’s party has to end at midnight? Once you’ve recovered from the NYE festivities, bring your team together for a happy hour celebration and finish ringing in the new year the Picnic People way.

Reward your team for all their hard work with a rocking DJ, hopping dance floor and full bar package with cocktails and sparkling bubbly. Our New Year’s parties also make great employee recognition events, giving you the chance to highlight their achievements from the prior year with individual awards.

Office parties, lobby parties, happy hours and more—our on-site FUNctions are a blast. Companies love them because it’s easier to manage guest counts (depending on the size of the company, of course) and they can actually host multiple of these events in a calendar year (which is a huge boost for company morale). Our 2017 theme calendar has all the information you’d need to do something fun and creative this holiday season, so give us a shout and let’s make it happen!

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