3 Outstanding Ideas for Your San Diego Sunset-Theme Company Picnic

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Take a look at that San Diego sunset. Ain’t she a beauty? Any given evening, San Diegans can make the trip down to the Bay or the beach and focus their gaze on the horizon to the west. The sight of the sun setting over the Pacific is one of the most quintessentially unique things about our community. For Picnic People, one great setting deserves another—a picnic setting, that is!

Sunset picnics offer several distinct benefits as opposed to those held during conventional hours of the day. They typically won’t conflict with family commitments and are (as a result) better attended. Parks are usually less busy around these times, giving your picnic a feel of privacy and exclusivity to please your guests. But most of all, the dimming of the light combined with the natural tranquility of the coastal environment is incredibly relaxing. It lends itself well to the feeling of fun and leisure, which Picnic People events are so used to delivering. Here are three fun concepts to get your San Diego company picnic rocking after the sun goes down!

1. A Beach Bonfire, S’more-Making Bash

When the sun goes down, the breeze off the water can actually give the air a slight chill. It’s no mystery, then, why bonfire settings and fire rings for evening celebrations are at a premium. Our bonfire experts come prepared with plenty of oak wood and reserve rings at 6AM (yes, in the morning!) the day of your picnic. They stay on-site throughout the evening to ensure a safe and gloriously warm burn.

This means that you can count on the perfect s’more-making setting. But as is the case with most things Picnic People, we take it up a notch. Try these delicious and unique signature takes on a beach bonfire staple:

  • Frosty s’mores with junior peppermint patties
  • Peanut butter cup dream s’mores
  • Hawaiian s’mores with pineapple and white chocolate

2. A Sandcastle Building Contest & Hawaiian BBQ Spectacular

The artistic quality of sandcastles that adorn our oceanside pathways is truly inspiring. If you’re looking to inspire a sense of competition and artistic camaraderie in your company, then a sandcastle building contest is the way to go! A delicious Hawaiian BBQ menu would fit perfectly with the theme, including:

  • Kalua pork roasted in banana leaves, shredded in a traditional Hawaiian luau style
  • Coconut rice with ginger
  • Luau macaroni salad

The fun doesn’t stop there. Help your guests work up an appetite with an enthralling sand volleyball tournament. Some festive tiki torches around the court as the light fades from the shoreline lend themselves well to the theme and make for an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience.

3. A Paddle Boat Grill-Out

Slightly calmer waters on the Bay make for the perfect paddle boat surface. We can line them up for drag races or arrange a loop in the water for a more derby-style competition or stroll. Once everyone’s legs are tired from paddling, they can settle down on the beach for a low-key grill-out BBQ featuring:

  • USDA all-beef hot dogs & choice quarter pound burgers
  • Traditional potato salad & homestyle coleslaw
  • Homemade chocolate chip cookies

Coworkers, family and friends will be delighted with a ton of fun lawn games, including moo moo races and a bag toss. It’s a plethora of super fun activities with variety to make your company picnic unique.

The daytime hours no longer hold a monopoly on company picnics. Dusk is becoming an increasingly popular time to celebrate coming together as an organization and family. Fortunately, our team is full of fun ideas to help yours stand out. To start planning a San Diego sunset company picnic that your team is sure to remember, contact us online or give our experts a call at 858.586.1717.

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