Picnic People’s Top 5 Picnic Themes and Games for 2017

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With the picnic season heating up, we wanted to take the opportunity to count down the top five picnic themes and games we have primed and ready for your company or family picnic this year. Narrowing down a list to just five themes and games (especially with the entire roster worth of each we have up our sleeve) was a pretty tall task. But the five we picked for this list cover the entire range of categories of picnic fun that we can execute.

So without further ado, here are the lists! First, the top five themes!

1. Castaway Island Pirate Theme.

Arrgh! Just in time for the upcoming summer blockbuster and next installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, we’re ready for some fun with our pirate theme picnic blowout! We’ll have plenty of peg legs, eye patches, swashbuckling sword fighters and wise-cracking parrots at this high seas adventure. Imagine bringing this fun theme to Mission Bay with an awesome seafood menu! We can make it happen!

2. Great American Picnic.

O say can you see… how much fun you’re going to have with our authentic great American picnic theme experience! The stars and stripes will take over your venue and give it a patriotic feel. Toss in some delicious hot dogs from our grill and you’ve got a picnic truly worthy of the red, white and blue!

3. Tropical Luau.

Sure, we may live in San Diego where it’s sunny and 70 degrees virtually year-round. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still heat things up with this fun picnic theme. Palm trees and beach balls will transform your venue into a beautiful tropical island escape. Don’t forget to add in some delicious Hawaiian BBQ and authentic shaved ice to your picnic menu to complete the ensemble!

4. County Fair/Carnival Picnic.

Hurry, hurry, step right up! Come see the amazing, magnificent, truly one-of-a-kind Picnic People county fair/carnival-themed extravaganza! With all the top attractions you could imagine and more, you don’t need a ticket to have the time of your life with this great theme. All you need is a corn dog, some pretzels and your best friends to enjoy it with you!

5. Wild West Roundup.

With the sun beating down out of the nearby desert, our wild west roundup picnic theme is sure to wrassle up some real fun! We’ll turn your venue into a wild west mining town with all the energy of a bucking bronco that can’t be tamed! It gets even better with some delicious California oak-smoked barbeque!

Now onto our list of top five activities, contests and games. Each of them can adapt to any and all of the themes listed above, making the Picnic People experience fun and flexible!

1. Lawn Games.

It’s the ultimate way to get your group out of their chairs and moving. From fun raffles to tug of war, our mix of 14 lawn games strikes the perfect balance between participation and spectator because they can cater to both kids and adults. The best part—anyone who participates is sure to get a prize!

2. Activity Acres.

Our trained staff guide children through different arts and crafts activities including sun hat decorating, picture frame making, noodle necklaces, door hanger decorations and more. Plus, if there’s one thing that kids love, it’s bubbles! Every Activity Acres package includes giant soapy water-filled tubs and various sizes of bubble wands!

3. Custom Adult FUNtathlons!

We know that adult activities are just as important as the kids’. We have over 12 FUNtathlon games to choose from, including human chain, back seat driver, elephant truck wrecking ball, blind volleyball, a dual-lane obstacle course and more.

4. Inflatables and Interactives.

That’s right—it’s moonbounce time! Kids just love our themed inflatables and are sure to get hours of fun from the experience. The fun for the adults is just getting started, though. Treat yourself to jousting, big glove boxing, a mechanical bull, or if you’re up to it… bungee jumping?

5. Photo Booths and Green Screens.

It’s the perfect way to memorialize your picnic. Our family and employee photo booths come in a variety of options, including the Selfie Booth where guests can use their phones to take pictures with a backdrop and tons of fun props. We’re dedicated to making memories, and our photo games and activities truly make it possible.

Our picnic experiences are all about providing a well-rounded, quality picnic experience using these elements. That’s why we do what we do. We hope you enjoy these lists and look forward to even more fun down the road. If you’re ready to start planning a real Picnic People kind of celebration, contact one of our picnic pros online or call us at 858.586.1717.

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