The 7 Biggest Reasons to Plan a Picnic for Your San Diego Company in 2017

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We love living in San Diego. It’s 75 and sunny year-round. We have the most beautiful beaches on the West Coast—sorry not sorry, LA—with world-class surfing and sailing. There are fantastic hiking and biking trails scattered throughout the area that are perfect for staying active. Our bay and county parks have plenty of great spots to curl up under a large shade tree and hang out with friends. On a clear day, you can even look out on the ocean and see whales in the distance.

That’s right, for all you Trekkies out at San Diego Comic Con—there be whales here.

But here you are, stuck in the office, procrastinating on whatever work you have to do.

Do you want to make work fun, creative and exciting? Want to give your team the chance to actually get out of the office and enjoy our beautiful community together? Want to make the experience of working for you stand out? Easy peasy—let’s have a picnic! Here are the seven biggest reasons you should plan a company picnic here in San Diego this year.

  1. Picnics are the top employee-rated event. It’s more than just good food. Picnic events give your team members a chance to do something different and participate in some fun, memorable and (most importantly) non-work-related activities together.
  2. Picnics are opportunities to bond as a team. Summer company picnics are memorable because everyone shares in the experience and everyone gets involved. Imagine the cheers from your department after they get the chance to drop you in a game of dunk tank bingo. You’re not afraid to get a little wet, are you?
  3. Picnics encourage employees and families to make connections. The summer company picnic is the perfect time and place for families to get to know each other. They’re a fun, casual atmosphere to meet people and make connections while doing something different together. Let’s get the families together and do something fun!
  4. San Diego has some of the finest picnic locations in the nation. We’ve got Mission Bay, NTC Park, Coronado Tidelands, several inland parks… the list goes on and on! This is a beautiful community with more locations than most to get outside and enjoy it together. Just know that you’re going to need a permit. (Psst, no worries, we’ve got it for you! )
  5. Picnics increase productivity. Picnics are a fun and creative way to energize your workforce. With a Picnic People corporate event, your team gets the chance to participate in a trendy and original experience that kick starts their creative engines (because we assure you, ours never stop), and that boosts morale.
  6. Picnics are a wonderful way to show gratitude. If and when your business is doing well, you’ll naturally want to find a way to express your gratitude to the team and celebrate. So say it with me now: “Great job, team. Now let’s head on down to the beach!”
  7. Picnics are easy to plan. Whoa, whoa, wait! Before heading down to the beach, you should probably give us a call first. Planning your company picnic isn’t complicated—especially if you’re working with our team of professional planners. No two Picnic People events are ever the same. If you really want your corporate event to be memorable and stand out from any other excursion, let’s talk.

For more than three decades, the pros at Picnic People have been delivering outstanding fun and delicious food to San Diego picnics. To start planning your next outstanding picnic experience, contact us online or give us a call at 858.586.1717.

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