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Our San Diego catering team matches the energy and enthusiasm of the players in the West division of the American Football Conference. We continually fill the parking lots of Qualcomm Stadium with the best San Diego tailgating food and our modern version of fun!

To make sure you have a great time at your San Diego Chargers tailgate party, our creative event planners suggest you keep these tailgating ideas in mind.

San Diego Chargers Tailgating Tips

Know Your Tailgating Venue

For most outdoor events in San Diego, you will scout out and compare venues. Tailgating a Charger’s game does not require you to go through this full process, but you still need to know the layout of your tailgating location. Qualcomm Stadium seats more than 70,000 fans, and its parking lots are among the best for tailgating. This means you will have plenty of company!

When planning your Chargers tailgate party at Qualcomm Stadium, keep these quick tips in mind:

  • Reserve a space. Qualcomm Stadium features over 122 acres of parking space. The Inner Rings, Outer Rings, North Lot and RV areas each have unique advantages. Determine which lot you prefer and then contact Ace Parking to reserve a spot.
  • Know the stadium entries. There are only three access points to the stadium. To avoid circling around and around, figure out which entry is closest to your tailgating location.
  • Double check on permits. Make sure the San Diego catering company you work with has the necessary liability insurance and permits required for catered food service and kegs.
  • Arrive early. Plan to start staking out your tailgating location when gates open. Regular vehicles can arrive 4 hours before the game starts, and RVs can enter 5 hours prior. Arriving early also gives you more time to banter with other fans and enjoy great San Diego tailgating food.

Deck Out Your Tailgating Party and Guests

Nobody will doubt your team spirit when they see your blue and gold tailgating station complete with electric thunderbolts. Take your Charger’s tailgating decorations a step further by encouraging guests to paint their face, wear a jersey and pick up some beads. A face painting station fosters fun and team pride among guests of all ages. And, of course, do not forget to turn up the music to charge everyone up for the big game.

Go Heavy on Beverages

The best San Diego catering companies know tailgating is as much about the drinks as the food. We can provide a wide variety of booze including hard alcohol and premier local brews. To compete with the sunshine, we can have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks like water, juices, sodas and smoothies.

Serve Popular Tailgating Food

Although San Diego catering is known for its seafood and Latin cuisine, you can’t tailgate without grilling up traditional favorite pre-game food. Our Grill-Out BBQ is a popular choice, but any of our affordable barbecue menus can be customized to your Charger’s tailgating party. Some of our favorite Charger’s tailgating foods to grill on-site are:

  • USDA choice quarter pound all-beef hamburgers
  • John Morrell all-beef hot dogs
  • Hardwood smoked chicken

When choosing a San Diego catering company, check to see how they source their produce. Pick a company that hand selects the freshest produce because the city’s sweetest watermelon will taste so delicious as you party in the hot parking lot!

Prepare for the Evening Chill

It is easy to think about a sunny outdoor event and forget about the evening chill. Although your tailgating party in San Diego is likely to be in the heat of the day, temperatures will be much lower mid-way through the game. Bring a warm jacket and remind guests to come prepared for a pretty drastic change in temperature.

Just Be A Fan

Maybe you love getting charged up with all your buddies before a big game, but you do not feel like planning a tailgating party? Then come to a San Diego State Aztecs game at Qualcomm Stadium, and join us for the tailgating festivities. We take care of all the set up, complete with a unique menu custom designed for each game. When you opt for the FanFest Plus Game Ticket option, all you have to do is come ready to drink, eat and cheer.

After more than three decades of catering in San Diego, our picnic pros continue to come up with out-of-the box ideas to create a modern version of fun at any type of event. For more tailgating tips and unique menu ideas, contact us online or give us a call at: 858.586.1717.

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