Best San Diego Parks For Picnics

The one excuse San Diegans can’t use for not having a picnic is bad weather. It’s sunny and beautiful year round. But if you don’t know where the best picnic spots are, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few we personally recommend.

  1. Carlsbad State Beach

Make it a picnic on the beach or on the grass at Carlsbad State Beach, which runs along Highway 101. This spot also has a bathroom, outdoor shower, and water fountain, so you can stay all day. If you choose the grass, you’ll be next to Harbor Fish Cafe, overlooking the water. Head down hill and you’ll be on the sandy beach.

2. Brengle Terrace Park

If you’d like a picnic at a table, Brengle Terrace Park has many tables scattered around. Or, you could spread a blanket over the grass. But watch out for frisbees — you don’t want to end your picnic with a frisbee to the head. The park also has multiple bathrooms, water fountains, a playground, and many athletic courts.

3. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

If you’d like a romantic picnic, Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is a local favorite. Watch the sunset while sitting on the rocks or the dirt area along Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. You can park along the street or directly in front of the park. You could also park in the lot and spread your picnic on your truck bed.

4. Kate Sessions Park

Also known as Kate O Sessions Memorial Park, Kate Sessions Park is a great place for picnickers wanting a great view of Mission Bay. You could also use a picnic table located at the bottom of the hill. The park has a bathroom and water fountain, as well.

5. La Jolla Hermosa Park

This is a small park, but it overlooks Bird Rock in La Jolla. There’s a small patch of land with two round picnic tables and three benches. If the tables aren’t available, use a thick blanket to sit on the ground — just be prepared for the small rocks and pebbles. The park doesn’t have a restroom or water fountain, so you won’t be staying all day.

6. Trolley Barn Park

Named after the old trolley car barn that used to be located at Trolley Barn Park, this picnic spot is located in University Heights. Enjoy the wide open grass space or use a picnic table.

7. Grant Hill Neighborhood Park

Grant Hill Neighborhood Park is located in Golden Hill and has an unobstructed view of Downtown San Diego and Coronado Bridge. Enjoy the grassy area or use the picnic table at the top of the hill.

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