The Best Picnic Spots in San Diego

San Diego City Parks

San Diego has perfect weather year round. And the views aren’t too bad, either. If you’re thinking of doing a picnic, here are a few scenic spots in San Diego to consider.

1. Carlsbad State Beach

This is a perfect location for a picnic, whether you’d like to go on the sand or stay on the grass. Walk down the hill and you have access to a bathroom, outdoor shower, and water fountain.

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2. Brengle Terrace Park

Brengle Terrace Park has lots of grass and picnics scattered throughout the park. You’ll have plenty of space to spread out a blanket and enjoy your picnic. If you’ve got kids, they’ll enjoy the playground and you could even go to the athletic courts to play basketball, tennis, baseball, pickleball, and bocce ball.

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3. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

This is a perfect spot for a sunset picnic. Be sure to get here a few hours before sunset to grab a parking spot and set up. The views are well worth it!

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4. Kate Sessions Park

This park overlooks Mission Bay and is a perfect spot for a daytime picnic or romantic date in the evening. You could bring a blanket to have a picnic on the grass, or use a picnic table.

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5. La Jolla Hermosa Park

La Jolla Hermosa Park overlooks Bird Rock and isn’t too big. You’ll need to bring a thick blanket since the ground is covered in small rocks and pebbles. Don’t plan on staying too long since there’s no restroom or water fountain.

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6. Trolley Barn Park

The park is named after an old trolley car barn that used to be located there in University Heights. There’s plenty of grass to lay down your picnic blanket and enjoy some fun games. Walk down to the edge of the park for a view of Mission Valley.

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7. Mt. Helix Park

This park offers a panoramic view of San Diego and has a large white cross at the top. You could use the two picnic tables or sit on the steps of the historic amphitheater.

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8. Lake Murray

Though it’s technically a reservoir, Lake Murray is a great spot for kayaking, boating, and enjoying a picnic. There’s also a 3.2 mile paved trail along its perimeter if you’d like to get some exercise. Skip the blanket and use a picnic table instead, since the terrain is quite rocky.

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