Fun Games & Activities For a Family Picnic

It doesn’t take a lot to entertain kids, but if they seem to have endless energy, you’ll need to prepare a list of games and activities to keep them occupied at your next family picnic. Here are a few that are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages.

1. Races

There are many different types of races you could do: egg on a spoon, one-legged hopping race, and even relay races.

2. Ball games

Bring baseballs, footballs, soccer balls, tennis balls, and even beach balls to teach kids important motor skills and coordination,

3. Daisy chains

If you’re hosting a picnic in the park or in the mountains, there are sure to be plenty of small flowers that kids could use to create daisy chains.

4. Leaf adventure

While your kids are running about, walk around the park or picnic area collecting leaves from trees and bushes. Then, challenge them to find the tree and bush that the individual leaves belong to. Once they’ve found the right tree, share interesting facts about it.

5. Bubbles

Blow bubbles in the wind and challenge them to pop as many as they can. Another fun challenge is to get them counting the bubbles.

6. Scavenger hunt

Plan the scavenger hunt in advance and prepare prizes for the winners. Keep the list short for younger kids (five to six items) to ensure they stay focused and complete the activity.

7. Chalkscapes

Bring colored chalk to draw pictures, tell a story, write numbers and letters, and create unique shapes. You could also put together a game of hopscotch.

8. Duck, duck, squirt

Instead of duck, duck, goose, arm the player who is “it” with a squirt gun and have them squirt the player they choose to tag “it”.

9. Freeze tag

Teach your kids patience and planning with a game of freeze tag.

10. Fun finger foods

Last but not least, once they’ve expended all their energy, bring out fun finger foods that they’ll enjoy snacking on and recounting the adventures they had so far. From healthy apple pie bites and cinnamon yogurt dippers, to birthday cake truffles and banana chocolate walnut pops, these snacks are as delicious as they sound.

For a list of kids finger foods, check out these recipes.

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