Fun Picnic Games & Activities For Kids & Adults

A picnic is a great time for outdoor fun and games. If you’re planning a summer picnic, here are a few games for kids and adults to enjoy.

Games For Kids:

  • Frozen Feet

Fill a tub with ice cubes and place an empty tub next to it. Set a timer to one or two minutes and instruct kids to use their toes to move ice cubes into the empty bin. The child who moves the most ice cubes within the set time wins.

Another version of the game involves filling a tub with ice cubes, water, and marbles. Instruct the kids to use their feet to move marbles from one tub into another. The child who moves the most marbles into the empty tub wins.

  • Water Balloon Toss

There are so many ways to have fun with water balloons, the toss is only one option. Have kids stand a few feet apart and throw a water balloon to each other. After every throw, instruct them to take one step back. A failed catch takes a pair out of the game. The pair with the last water balloon wins the game.

  • Captain Picnic Bingo Show

Captain Picnic is a Picnic People original. He brings music, games, laughter, and lots of fun to every picnic. Give us a call to have Captain Picnic come and entertain your kids!

Games For Adults:

  • Volleyball, Basketball, and Touch Football

All you need is the right ball to play these games. Every adult will enjoy some light exercise and competition playing volleyball, basketball, or touch football.

  • Capture the Flag

To play this game, divide your group into two teams and give each team a flag or cloth napkin to hide in the park, beach, backyard, or wherever you’re hosting the picnic. The flag must be partly visible (for example, the flag can’t be completely covered) so that the other team can spot it.

Each team must then try to get the other team’s flag without getting tagged. Tagged could mean getting hit with a water balloon or tagged with two hands. The team member could then be put in “prison” to be rescued or simply be “out”. 

Picnic People is here to help with the food preparation so you can focus on having fun. Give us a call to learn more about our menus and to schedule your picnic.

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