How To Celebrate Spring With Your Team

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Now that spring is in full swing and the world is gradually opening up, it’s time to celebrate the team members who have been with you over the past year. An outdoor event is a great way to refresh your team’s spirit, alleviate Zoom fatigue, and boost motivation for the months ahead. If you’re ready to have some in-person fun, here are a few things you should know about hiring Picnic People to plan your event.

Event Goals

Picnic People corporate events are designed to facilitate team bonding, which emphasizes coming together, rather than regimented training. At a Picnic People event, the janitorial team will be flexing their dance moves alongside the executive team, and the company’s tech team will be challenging the creative team in a game of speed Connect Four. 

A successful Picnic People event will bring employees, managers, and executives together on a level playing field, and encourage each attendee to share their hidden talents in a lighthearted and fun environment. 

Event Locations

We have the tools and equipment to set up an event in a variety of locations, from parking lots and parks, to beaches and campgrounds. As a one-stop-shop event planning company, Picnic People will take care of pulling permits, making reservations, and ensuring compliance with all COVID-19 regulations. Employers can truly relax and enjoy the event without worrying about technicalities or legal issues.

Event Entertainment

Each company is different and has its own unique personality. Companies with younger employees tend to prefer active, highly-competitive games, while companies with older employees may prefer passive games, such as bingo. A few games we can bring to your next event include Apple Stack, Minute to Win It, Bottle Flip, frisbee, football, and baseball. We’re happy to customize the entertainment according to the company’s demographic, culture, personality, and age.

Event Catering

We offer a variety of food options, that include catering, delivery, and boxed lunch. Employees can choose from a menu of flame-grilled BBQ, Mexican food, or Southern-style comfort food to satisfy their cravings.

Event Setup

We set up events in a horseshoe layout so that employees can see activities on three sides and also have the option of setting up their own games, such as frisbee, baseball, football, volleyball — you name it. We have all the equipment necessary to ensure each event runs smoothly and everyone is happy.

If you’re ready to celebrate your team, give us a call and we’ll take care of the rest!

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