9 Games For A Fun Family Picnic This Fall

When it comes to family picnics, games are a must to keep kids entertained. Here are a few games you can introduce at your next picnic to create an unforgettable experience for everyone.

1. Giant Outdoor Scrabble

If you love word games, then this Scrabble is for you, supersized! Lay large cardboard or wooden tiles with letters on the ground to form words, for a fun and educational game that both kids and adults will enjoy.

2. Giant Lawn Jenga

A beloved indoor game now revamped for outdoor play, Giant Lawn Jenga involves stacking oversized wooden blocks. The goal remains the same: take turns pulling out blocks without making the tower collapse.

3. DIY Ladder Golf

Ladder golf is a fun tossing game that requires making your own set using PVC pipes to form the ladder and bolas (two balls connected by a string) for tossing. The objective is to toss the bola so it hangs on one of the ladder’s three horizontal rungs, each with different point values.

4. Sack Race

An old-school favorite, the sack race is a hit with both kids and adults. Participants jump inside large sacks and race towards a finish line. It’s bound to induce laughter as participants hop their way to victory.

5. DIY Giant Lawn Matching Game

This is a classic memory game, but on a much larger scale. Use cardboard or wooden squares, drawing or pasting images on one side. Lay them face down and take turns flipping two at a time, aiming to find matching pairs.

6. Ladybugs and Bees Tic-Tac-Toe

Put a nature-inspired spin on the traditional tic-tac-toe. Use painted rocks with ladybug and bee designs as game pieces. The goal? Get three of your critters in a row before your opponent does.

7. Bean Bag Toss

A staple at picnics, the bean bag toss or cornhole game is about aiming precision. Toss bean bags into a board with a hole in it. Points are awarded based on where the bag lands, with the ultimate goal of getting it inside the hole.

8. Balloon Darts

Set up a dartboard using balloons pinned to a board. Participants throw darts aiming to pop the balloons. For added fun, you can fill balloons with small prizes or confetti for a delightful explosion upon popping.

9. Yard Dominoes

These dominoes are supersized for lawn play. Craft your giant domino set using wooden rectangles painted with the classic domino dots. Play the game as you typically would, and enjoy the large visuals and tactile experience.

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