Kick Off the Roaring ’20s Right with These Fun Company Event Ideas

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The 2010’s are officially over and WOW, what a decade it was! Your employees’ hard work contributed to your company’s success and they deserve to party like it’s 2020! The absolute best way to kick off the New Year and new decade is by showing your people how much you appreciate their effort and dedication with fun-filled festivities – especially if you missed the chance to celebrate your employees in December.

An astounding 61% of employees in a recent survey reported suffering from burnout, contributing to low workplace morale*.

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Luckily, employee appreciation events are constantly rated as one of the top ways to boost employee morale. Below are just a few employee event ideas, guaranteed to get your employees stoked and ready to crush company goals in 2020! 

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1) Team Building or Team Bonding 

Whether you’re looking for structured, competitive team building or relaxed, unifying team bonding, bringing the team together is the best way to increase employee morale and encourage workplace camaraderie! The secret sauce to putting on the perfect team event is having the right MC to pump up the energy, while making sure everything goes according to plan. After all, the whole point is for the team to participate, engage and interact with each other, not to be confused by the activities. Captain Picnic to the rescue! 

Team building doesn’t have to be all trust falls and motivational speakers – make sure to pick interesting, somewhat challenging activities that are as unique as your team! Picnic People team building activities are built to ensure that the whole team gets involved – the athlete, the thinker and the engineer, alike! If you’re not sure where to start, Picnic People will happily provide your group with fun games and activities designed to encourage collaboration, creation, communication, and coordination!

In contrast to team building events, where an environment for healthy team competition is created, team bonding events are all about relaxing and having fun with co-workers. From escape room-style adventures to team mural painting, getting the team together to have some fun is the goal! Events like these, big or small, a great way to break down the barriers between teams, departments and divisions, as well as close the gap between management and employees. So kick back, relax and watch the positive impact of laughter and FUN take hold of your team!

2) First Quarter Kick Off Party

To start the best year yet, consider throwing a First Quarter Kick Off Party! Pump your office full of positive energy and excitement by providing the perfect platform to introduce 2020 company goals and initiatives. Serve a full meal or tasty treats to keep your audience satisfied and captivated. 

Another office crowd favorite for a kickoff is the midweek – or end of the week – happy hour! Ring in the new year with a casual happy hour and instill the reminder that your company cares. 

3) Recognition Awards Show

Looking to get your employees excited to be part of your great company? Award their hard work, performance, exemplification of company value and other admirable behaviors or victories. When awarding tangible achievements, we also encourage giving recognition to those individuals with fun, outgoing or notable personalities who contributed to the positive culture of your company! Pair your awards show with fun food and drink stations to really get the excitement going!


Companies that host events at the beginning of the year do an excellent job of toasting future hard work instead of merely celebrating it after the fact. Rather than letting your employees get caught up in the post-holiday exhaustion, use an event to pump up and prime your team for success in 2020! Re-engage your employees with a celebratory event after the holidays and experience the morale boosting return. 

Picnic People understands that not all companies fit a traditional mold, which is why every proposal is custom-built to meet your specific needs, but are always packed full of FUN and excitement!  Let your employees know that you care by bringing them together for a fun-tastic kick off to the New Year!

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