How to Host a Team Building Company Picnic

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Are you looking to bring your team together with a company picnic? It doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems, and your team may seriously benefit from the bonding!

Many companies nowadays recognize that team bonding days have a positive impact on their business—both culturally and financially. But planning an event on this scale may seem challenging. Don’t worry; as the San Diego company picnic experts, we’ll share a little of what we’ve learned over the past 35 years to make sure your day of bonding is a success.

With the weather as good as it is, right now is the best time of year to host a team building picnic. So, don’t delay—make your team stronger today!

The 4 Cs of Team Building

In our experience, the most important thing about team building events is that they have to be engaging, focused and fair for each one of your team members. With this in mind, we created the four Cs of team building: create, collaborate, coordinate and compete. Each one will cater to different employees, making sure there’s something for everyone, and they will also strengthen and develop different skills among your team. Read more to see our ideas on which activities you can do to fulfill all four Cs, making your team stronger than ever (and having a lot of fun doing it!).


This category of activities is team building in the most literal way: as a team, participants have to build or create something. It requires people to use planning and tactile abilities to achieve a certain goal, often leading to a rewarding, visible final result. Some of the best games include:

  • The Drop
  • Build-a-Chair
  • Copper Bridge
  • Sail Away
  • Paper Paseo


Collaborative games require your team to work together, delegate and—most importantly—share the work. No one person can carry any of these games, so alpha dogs have to cooperate with others. Our favorites in this style are:

  • Co-Pilot Catch
  • Links in a Chain
  • Minute Mayhem
  • Human Inchworm


One of the most important elements of a cohesive and successful team is open and honest communication. It may seem silly, but the best way to develop this kind of environment is through some games focused on coordination between people, like:

  • Apple Bottom
  • Jelly Bean Jam
  • Alpine Ski Race
  • Human Ring Toss
  • Bombs Away


Last but not least, competitive games encourage your team to push all differences aside and work together to achieve something. It promotes ambition and drive and features some activities that athletic team members will enjoy, though our games are designed to be inclusive:

  • Johnny Apple Stack
  • Picnic Obstacle Relay
  • Bocce Ball Shuffleboard
  • Elephant Trunk Wrecking Ball

And don’t forget about the food—your team will have certainly worked up an appetite with all of these activities. Include some satisfying fan favorites (think delicious barbecue) and some kind of sweet reward, like fresh lemonade or a cool dessert. You’ll find these, and more, in our barbecue menus.

There’s nothing like a little team bonding picnic to lift everyone’s spirits as summer comes to an end. If you’re ready to get planning, so are we! Our team building package specifically caters to your needs. Contact us or call 858.586.1717 today to get started.

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