How to Plan a Company Picnic

Planning a San Diego corporate picnic is slightly different from planning a family picnic. Companies vary in size and have diverse employees, making it a challenge to please everyone.

To take the guesswork out of picnic planning, hosts can take the following steps:

1. Choose a location

There are many nice parks and beaches in San Diego to choose from for your next corporate picnic location. Morley FIeld Sports Complex, Ellen Browning Scripps Park, Kate Sessions Park, Liberty Station, Waterfront Park, Centennial Park, and Balboa Park are just a few great spots to consider. Find out about reservation requirements and capacity limits before making your selection.

2. Set a date

Next, find out what date works best for employees, managers, and executives. Friday afternoons or the weekend may be the top choice for busy professionals. If the event will be indoors, find out what dates are available at the venue.

3. Contact a caterer

Don’t worry about buying snacks or cooking entire meals for your company. Instead, choose a local caterer that specializes in company picnics. They know what foods work best and have a variety of menus to choose from. At Picnic People, we offer the following menus: Build Your Own BBQ, The Classics, Luau, and South of the Border.

4. Plan the menu

Once you’ve chosen a caterer, decide what foods you’d like at the picnic and figure out how many people will be attending. Find out about employee food allergies, dietary restrictions, or preferences and be sure to communicate this to your caterer ahead of time.

5. Choose a theme

There are so many picnic themes to choose from, you could even do a survey asking employees to pick their top three favorites. Here are a few themes to consider:

  • Sports
    Mardi Gras
    Hawaiian Luau

6. Prepare equipment

Depending on how many people are coming to the picnic, you’ll need to bring chairs, tables, tents, and water coolers. If you’ve hired a caterer, they may be able to take care of this for you.

7. Plan games

Picnic People has many interactive games and activities it can bring to your company picnic. Tell us a bit about your company and we’ll select the right games for your event.

Read to plan your next corporate picnic in San Diego? Call Picnic People to get started today!

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