Key Ingredients For Mexican-Style BBQ Picnic in San Diego

San Diego neighbors Mexico and the influence of Mexican culture extends to BBQ. If you’re considering hosting a Mexican-style BBQ picnic for friends and family, or your business, here are a few simple steps you should take.

1. Wood of choice: Mesquite

In Mexico, Mesquite wood is readily available and is the wood of choice for grilling and barbecuing. If you’re unable to purchase Mesquite wood, Mesquite charcoal is sold virtually everywhere.

2. Salsa and recado

Salsa simply means sauce and is served with many popular Mexican dishes. Recado is a marinade used to season food before and during cooking. The marinade can be a spicy paste or dry rub that provides a deep rich flavor.

3. Chilies

Next up in your Mexican-style BBQ are the chilies. There are more than 30 different types of chilies used in Mexican dishes and they can be purchased dried, crushed, pulped, or fresh. Do some research to find out what kinds of chili will go best with the BBQ meat you’ll be preparing.

Other ingredients you might consider using in your Mexican-style BBQ include coconuts, cilantro, bananas, cumin, garlic, tropical fruits, and banana and avocado leaves.

4. Decorations

To get your guests in the Mexican Fiesta spirit, decorate with red, white, and green colors. Put on a sombrero, hang up a piñata, cover the tables with brightly colored table cloths, and hand out maracas.


5. Games

A few games that everyone can enjoy include Mexican Loteria (or Bingo), Mexican Train Dominoes, Chili Pepper Guessing Game, Mexican Kickball, Nacho-Eating Contest, Pin the Tail on the Burro (or donkey), and so many others. Check out the instructions for these games here.

If You’d Like to Skip The Planning

If party planning isn’t something you enjoy doing, then Picnic People is happy to take care of this for you. We can also bring the food! Our South of the Border menu includes street tacos, Mexican Rice, chips and salsa, refried beans, Peruvian Mayocoba, and so much more!

Check out our menu and give us a call so that we can start planning your Mexican-style BBQ picnic!

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