San Diego Picnic Theme: Mr. Sun’s Summer Camp

Summer picnic catering set up

Ah, summer! The sunniest season of them all brings happiness, great weather and, for many, fond memories of summer camp. That’s why one of our 2018 San Diego picnic themes is Mr. Sun’s Summer Camp, a celebration of childhood fun and nostalgia.

This theme is a great way to make your picnic that much cooler. It’s cross-generational too, making sure that everyone of any age can either fondly look back on their camp days or fulfill a childhood dream of going to camp.

Our very own Mr. Sun runs this summer camp-themed picnic, so we’ll share with you below all the ways in which we can make your company picnic a true throwback success!

Décor Inspiration

Where to start? Of course, classic images of summer camp in the forest-like pine trees, tree stumps and boulders to clamber over are a must. We like to feature statues of our favorite woodland creatures too, because who wouldn’t want to snap a selfie with this cute little fox!

If your guests forget to bring all of their best camping gear, no worries! We’ll set the theme and prepare them for an adventure with backpacks, kayak paddles, ropes and sleeping bags.

Here are some of our other décor features:

  • Checkered tablecloths, just like at camp
  • Woven wooden baskets for an earthy feeling
  • Portable lanterns, in case anyone goes adventuring
  • Signage pointing your guests in the direction of national parks and warning them of bears

Activities & Contests

This is, hands down, the most important part of Mr. Sun’s Summer Camp. Your guests may come just to play, but they’ll also be there to win.

The classic camp activities will delight your guests from ages six to 60. We’ll help you arrange a tug-of-war, egg-and-spoon race, balloon toss, arts and crafts, volleyball—whatever your camper heart desires!

Of course, inflatable obstacle courses and slides are fun no matter the theme and pair perfectly with the lighthearted, youthful games.

Extra Tip: What’s a company picnic without a raffle? To stick to the camp theme, consider offering prizes like tents, grillware, tool kits and outdoor activity kits.

Music & Entertainment

At Picnic People events, Captain Picnic becomes the perfect camp counselor. He keeps energy high and guests engaged throughout all of your activities. We’ve shared some of our favorites below!

One of the most memorable elements of camp are the songs—they stick with you forever! Be sure to include some on your playlist (you can find a whole bunch here). Mix those camp jams with some classic party songs and you’re sure to have everyone singing along.

As for entertainment, there’s a variety of things you can choose for Mr. Sun’s Summer Camp. Hair stylists will braid and bead kids’ hair, face painters will make sure everyone’s sporting their favorite colors—those are just a few ideas.

Our Favorite: The Menu

Last but never least, let’s get to the menu. Summer camp is all about simple food cooked to perfection. Comforting, all-American cuisine and sweet, satisfying desserts are where it’s at. Some of our favorite dishes to bring to Mr. Sun’s Summer Camp are:

  • Juicy all-beef hotdogs with all the trimmings
  • Traditional potato salad
  • Homemade chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and sugar cookies

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