San Diego Picnic Theme: Polynesian Paradise

Polynesian band at an outdoor party

Everyone wants to spend a day in a tropical paradise, so why not make your picnic one?

A Polynesian Paradise-themed picnic is a sure way to enchant your guests with the exciting music, flavors and atmosphere of the Polynesian islands.

We’ll help you throw an unforgettable picnic escape to a tropical island. Here’s all of the things we can provide to your incredible company picnic in paradise.

Décor Inspiration

The inspiration never stops for this tropical picnic theme. Beautiful colors in bright shades like teal, fuchsia and orange will make your picnic lively and cheerful. Materials like dried grass, palm fronds and bamboo shoots will bring a natural, down-to-earth element to a magical environment.

This theme encourages you to experiment with pieces from different cultures in the Polynesian triangle, like Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand and the beautiful islands of French Polynesia. Tiki torches, tropical birds, gorgeous floral arrangements and wooden carvings bring a faraway atmosphere to your San Diego picnic.

Some simple ideas for décor at a Polynesian Paradise picnic are:

  • Drinks served in coconuts or pineapples
  • Dried grass table skirts
  • Shell, coral and starfish centerpieces
  • Banana leaf serving platters
  • Strands of tropical flowers

Contests & Activities

Now that we’ve set the scene for your picnic, it’s time to think about entertainment. The Polynesian Paradise picnic theme works perfectly with face painting, as children and adults alike can get gorgeous tropical flowers and birds painted across their cheeks. Another entertainment idea would be traditional dancers who could perform and show your guests a few moves.

As for games, a hula hoop contest is a fun way to try hula dancing for those who may not be professionals. Of course, traditional picnic games done up in a tropical theme like Bozo’s buckets, a balloon toss and an egg-and-spoon race are always fun.

Music Everyone Will Love

Of course, the Polynesian Islands are home to some amazing music. You can mix party classics with more traditional songs and sounds. Here are some artists to add to your Polynesian playlist:

Most Importantly: The Menu

Lastly, let’s discuss our absolute favorite part of any picnic: the menu. The Polynesian region is home to a unique combination of incredible flavors, creating dishes that are sweet, spicy and sour all at the same time. Some of our iconic dishes for this theme are:

  • Tangy teriyaki chicken
  • Coconut and ginger rice
  • Hawaiian rolls

Take a look at our full menu.

Of course, the most important part of any Polynesian feast is the roast pig. Your guests will go hog wild for Kalua pork, roast whole with sweet and smoky flavors. It’s the centerpiece of any tropical menu!

Are you excited to start planning a Polynesian Paradise picnic? We sure are! Give us a call at (858) 586-1717 or contact us today.

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