10 Things To Consider When Planning Your Company Holiday Party!

The holidays are right around the corner!  If you have not already, then it’s time to start thinking about your company holiday party. For a first-time or even seasoned planner, this might seem like a daunting task. At Picnic People we’ve planned hundreds of corporate holiday parties for San Diego companies big and small throughout the years and have learned a few things in the process. Here to help you plan the perfect holiday function for your company we present these 10 things to consider.

1) Purpose & Goals

Clearly define the goals for your event. Why are you planning your company event and what will make it a success? For instance, planning an employee-only event where you hope to facilitate better communication and co-operation within your team will have a different aim than a family event where you are focused on employee appreciation and family fun for all ages. Knowing what you would like to accomplish with your event from the get-go will get you started off on the right foot. Don’t just plan to plan. 

2) Event Dates

As soon as you know the aim and purpose of your event you can get into the details, first of which is choosing a date. Know your group makeup and do your best to plan around their family and other personal obligations. Also, keep a close eye on the calendar. There are only three Saturdays in December before Christmas and that may limit venue options and well as attendance. Hosting your company party at your office location and considering a Friday afternoon is one way to get around date issues.  

3) Event Venues 

Knowing the group you are planning for will help you to choose the perfect event venue.
Finding locations that are convenient  and close to where employees live will help you to maximize attendance. Also, hosting an onsite company holiday party is a great option. Inviting employees and their families to events hosted at your company is an awesome way to have families meet in a comfortable location and promote company loyalty throughout your employee base and their families.

4) Alcohol or No Alcohol 

Knowing the rules of your chosen venue is important if you plan on serving alcohol. Your company may have internal rules and regulations as well. A way to keep control of consumption is to hand out drink tickets at registration limiting employees to 2 or so drinks per person. Allowing for alcoholic beverages may increase attendance and interaction amongst your guests.  

5) Activities & Entertainment 

Entertainment and light activities are essential to promote participation, interaction, and enjoyment amongst employees. Choose activities that have multiple benefits for your party. For example, corporate holiday parties can greatly benefit from having Santa Claus onsite greeting guests, handing out gifts, and posing for pictures with kids and families. Santa himself along with his chair and wrapped gifts are great decor items as well. 

6) Themes & Decoration 

Incorporating a fun theme is the top way to get employees and all guests involved in your event before the even arrive. Suggest guests dress the part as well, encouraging them to wear sweaters or even hosting an ugly sweater contest. Consider purchasing items yourself to be used year after year or hire an event planning company and rent decor items. With this option setup and teardown of your event decor is handled, which saves time for you and other volunteers who probably have important work to do. 

7) Food & Beverage 

There are so many options when it comes to food and beverages for your event, but the best way to impress it to make your selections part of your theme as well. For example, when planning an employee team bonding tailgate select sports-themed concessions to fully immerse your guests in the experience. Or when planning your holiday party thinks of incorporating fun stations like a build your own mashed potato or macaroni and cheese bar or a gourmet hot chocolate and coffee bar. 

8) Event Coordination and MC 

Regardless of the event type, employee-only or employees and families, having onsite coordination and a Master of Ceremonies to maximize participation and make the most of your event. Once you have everything booked and planned from the holiday food stations to activities and entertainment then you have to coordinate.  Onsite coordination and can be very time consuming and may make it so you don’t get to enjoy the event yourself. If you do not have multiple volunteers or enough time to plan your company event along with your normal job duties, then consider contacting an event planner like Picnic People.  

9) Awards, Recognitions 

The point of doling out awards isn’t financial compensation, but to give your employees the recognition they deserve. Growing company loyalty through fun incentives can work great in both employee-only an employee plus family event formats. Employee recognition and rewards do wonder for productivity in your office and in increasing event attendance.

10) Promote Your Party Internally 

What good is planning a party if no one attends? Pick your event date and circulate a save the date as soon as possible. Follow that up with event teasers briefly mentioning the event theme, fun activities, and entertainment to expect or even mention what food and beverages will be served. From team-building events to corporate holiday parties, getting the excitement going well before the event date always helps attendance.

Contact a Picnic People Event Coordinator for help with corporate holiday party planning. With the holidays right around the corner, Picnic People is ready to help you show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work. From onsite events to off-site, employee-only corporate events, to employees plus family company holiday parties, and events big and small we have you covered. Click here to Learn More!  

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