7 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning a Company Holiday Party

Your company holiday party doesn’t have to be lame, cheap, or cheesy. There are many ways to make it exciting, special, and memorable — especially if you plan it with Picnic People!

Over the years, our team has perfected the art of planning parties and picnics, and holiday parties are a favorite. Here are eight things we suggest keeping in mind when planning your company holiday party.

1. Budget

Though money can’t buy happiness, it does make a big difference in party planning. Bigger budgets can afford spectacular venues and luxury cuisine, but oftentimes it’s the lower budget parties that provide opportunities for creative ideas. Either way, determine your budget before you do anything else.

2. Venue

In real estate, location is everything. In party planning, location definitely sets the tone for the event. Whether you’re going for black tie or casual, a venue is the palette for event planners to begin drawing upon. San Diego has many venues to choose from, including Estancia La Jolla, Kettner Exchange, and Loews Coronado Bay Resort. You can also host the party at your office space.

3. Alcohol Policy

The holidays are a time to celebrate and let go of stress. For some people, this means breaking records for alcohol consumption. In the workplace, this may not be a great idea. Employers have to think about legal issues like liability and workplace safety. Decide whether you’ll be serving alcohol and what the limit should be per person to avoid injuries and other problems caused by drunkenness.

4. Entertainment

Hire a DJ, a Santa Claus, or wait staff dressed as elves to infuse the party with holiday spirit. Plan activities that everyone will enjoy and create a raffle with great prizes.

5. Menu

When planning the menu, connect the food to the event theme. Gingerbread cookies, roast beef, gravy, hot cocoa, candy canes, and champagne are just a few ideas to get your started. For more ideas, reach out to Picnic People.

6. MC and event coordinator

If you’ve done the hard work of planning the holiday party, then leave the emceeing to the professionals. Hire an experienced MC and event coordinator to handle hiccups during the party so you can focus on having a great time.

7. Awards & Recognition

A holiday party is an opportunity to recognize employees for their hard work and accomplishments with awards, bonuses, and other types of recognition.

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