Advantages of a Late Summer Picnic

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Picnics are all about bringing everyone together to have fun in the sun. There is no better time to enjoy great company and the best San Diego picnic catering than in the late summer months. September and October are the ideal time to picnic in San Diego because you can expect brilliant sunshine and much less tourist traffic.

Why Late Summer is The Best Time to Picnic in San Diego

Maximize Your Picnic Guest List

When you send out your late summer picnic invitations, expect numerous RSVPs to come back with notes like “Can’t wait!” or “See you soon!”

Sandwiched between the end of summer vacations and the start of the holiday season, people have greater availability and will most like attend. Guests flying to the party will also appreciate the lower airfare compared with those during the main travel season.

Guests will be able to share their vivid stories from early summer adventures, spend time with friends or co-workers and hatch new ideas. From planning a holiday party to falling back into the school routine, parents and co-workers will have plenty to discuss at a late summer picnic in San Diego.

Expands Your Picnic Choices

Your picnic guests are not the only ones with greater availability in the late summer months. Our picnic pros love the added flexibility September and October offer when planning a picnic. We can take any picnic theme to a new level with these expanded options:

  • Available picnic venues: Reserving your San Diego picnic venue is much easier during September and October, as the heart of the tourist season has passed. Just choose your favorite park or bay area, and we will complete the paperwork to attain a permit and reservation.

  • Custom picnic menus: We can fire up on-site grills to serve our USDA Grade A Choice Beef or offer a lighter fare of handmade salads with seasonal fruit. No matter what you choose, your guests will find only the freshest fall and summer ingredients in our delicious picnic menus. The warm summer days and approaching fall flavors offer you endless options for an inspired custom picnic menu.

  • Outdoor picnic activities: The clear skies and warm temperatures almost guaranteed in San Diego create a setting for our top picnic games. We are here to guide you through the process of picking a theme and creative picnic activities.

Boosts Energy and Morale

Most of your guests will have already gone on their annual vacation and have been spending energy settling their kids into the new school routine. Or maybe you have noticed that your employees could use some extra bonding time to get them through the stretch of work before the holiday season. Who wouldn’t want to let out some steam playing some picnic activities? Rejuvenate your friends, family or employees with an upbeat atmosphere and delicious food that will take their mind off any life stressors.

The added flexibility during the late summer months allows our picnic pros to use our 30 years of experience to create your perfect picnic in San Diego. Check out our blog and contact us to start planning!

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