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San Diego Event Coordinator Tips & Tricks

What does it take to put on a truly spectacular event in San Diego? Experience, hard work, creativity, problem-solving, and…BBQ. Or tacos. Or both? Read our blog for our pro event coordinators’ top tips.

8 Tips For Perfect Picnic Planning

Planning the perfect picnic this spring requires some careful consideration and preparation. Here are a few essential tips to ensure a delightful outdoor dining experience.

7 Occasions to Celebrate With a Picnic

Picnics are a wonderful way to celebrate special occasions and milestones, providing a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for gathering with loved ones. When it comes to hosting a memorable picnic, Picnic People is a trusted name that offers exceptional event planning and catering services.

7 Must-Have Dishes For Your Hawaiian-Themed Picnic

One of the themes Picnic People offers is Hawaiian Luau. We have themed decorations, games, and even a Hawaiian menu. The following recipes are just a hint of what you can expect when ordering Hawaiian foods from Picnic People.

4 Corporate Picnic Themes

Ready to plan your next corporate picnic? Or maybe your first? Here are a few theme ideas to get you and your team excited about your corporate picnic.

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Let the Planning Begin!

It's never too early to start. Give us a shout to find out how we can deliver the most scrumptious picnic catering in town and help you throw an epic event from start to finish.