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San Diego Event Coordinator Tips & Tricks

What does it take to put on a truly spectacular event in San Diego? Experience, hard work, creativity, problem-solving, and…BBQ. Or tacos. Or both? Read our blog for our pro event coordinators’ top tips.

How To Choose The Perfect Event Location

Ready to plan your company event? First thing’s first! Make your event a massive success with these simple location guidelines.  You’ve just been tasked with planning your company event, but what needs to be done first?  Great event locations, including many of San Diego’s beautiful...

Kick Off the Roaring ’20s Right with These Fun Company Event Ideas

The 2010’s are officially over and WOW, what a decade it was! Your employees’ hard work contributed to your company’s success and they deserve to party like it’s 2020! The absolute best way to kick off the New Year and new decade is by showing...

How to Throw a Family-Friendly Holiday Party?

‘Tis the season to show your employees how much you appreciate them.  The best way to do this is to throw a family-friendly party at the end of the year (or even at the beginning of the new year if you have a busy December). ...

10 Things To Consider When Planning Your Company Holiday Party!

The holidays are right around the corner!  If you have not already, then it’s time to start thinking about your company holiday party. For a first-time or even seasoned planner, this might seem like a daunting task. At Picnic People we’ve planned hundreds of corporate...

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