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Summer is here, our favorite time of the year! We love soaking up with sun at Mission Bay, NTC Park, Waterfront Park and the many other great picnic locations here in San Diego. Finding the perfect picnic location is important, but you also need fun picnic activities to get employees and their families involved and engaged at your summer company picnic! It may sound like a lot of work and organizing a successful company picnic does take time and effort, especially when you are dealing with a large group of employees, families and maybe even clients. Picnic People with our experienced team of San Diego event planners are here to help, and this is how we do it!
You can rely on our five-step picnic planning process, which we describe in detail below, to set the stage and complete the tasks necessary to plan and produce a fun and memorable company picnic! In today’s article, we break down our simple Picnic People five-step plan and show you why this tried-and-true process was created to make planning your next corporate picnic or event easy and carefree.

1. Give us the deets!

Picnic People corporate event planners want to understand you, your company, and what you are trying to accomplish with your event. In order for us to do this we’ll get together with you to better understand your company, your goals and the vision for your event. By gathering every detail about your company and event we are better able to ensure the success of your event. The good news is your personal Picnic People Event Coordinator has years of experience working with San Diego companies to produce fun and engaging company events. We’ll talk with you about your vision (listening intently to your needs from the beginning), take down every detail, and we’ll help you make it happen!

2. Location, location, location!

Where would you like your event to be hosted – onsite at your location or offsite at one of San Diego’s beautiful parks or beaches? We are here to help you with as much for as little as you need during this step. We can help to find the perfect location, check on availability, and even make reservations and obtain permits. If needed, we can help scout your deal spot and organize early morning “squatting” of your picnic location to make sure you get the best location possible for your event!

3. Plan, Baby, Plan!

This is the step where our incredible event planners take your vision and make it a reality. We work hard to create the one-of-a-kind experience you are looking for. Let’s just say this isn’t our first rodeo. Our event planners are very experienced and detail oriented and will take care of every desire, from food and activities to themes and entertainment, so on the day of your picnic you are a guest at your own event. While we do all of the work, we’ll keep you updated on all of the things we are doing to make the event a hit. Communication is a two-way street and this is one thing our planners are great at!

4. Party!

On event day our staff shows up ready to rock! Regardless of your chosen location is onsite or off, we’ll take care of the complete setup and tear down of your event. We’ll make sure the food is fresh and the environment is just right. We’ll do all of the heavy lifting throughout the event so you don’t have to, allowing you time to sit down and relax with your friends, family, co-workers and staff.

5. Wrap it Up

What good is a picnic if your guests leave hungry? We’ll make sure everyone eats enough food, leaving the event with fully bellies and great memories. We also take care of clean-up so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Your picnic staff lead is there throughout your event from setup to cleanup, keeping in close communication with you about everything from activity timing to walking you down the buffet line before the chow bell rings. After your event, your personal Picnic People Event Coordinator will contact you to get your feedback on the event as part of the process to insure your next event is even better!

All in all, event planning can be a tough job but when you choose Picnic People event planning is made simple and easy. Our corporate event planners are experienced and detail oriented to bring you nothing short of a great San Diego company picnic experience. Ready to make planning and executing your next event seem as easy as pie? Call Picnic People to talk with an Event Coordinator today!

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