Tips For Hosting a Bayside Picnic in San Diego

San Diego is known for its beaches and green parks, perfect for picnics, outdoor volleyball, and frisbee. Locals have their favorite spots and businesses host outdoor events year round. If you’re considering throwing a bayside picnic in the coming weeks, be sure to take the following steps for a fun and memorable experience.

Choose the right location.

It’s hard to go wrong with any park or beach in San Diego, but a few of our favorites for a picnic include Mission Bay, Torrey Pines State Beach, and Shoreline Park. Mission Bay is the largest man-made aquatic park in the country, featuring sandy beaches, playgrounds, and picturesque picnic spots. 

Torrey Pines State Beach is 4 ½ miles of sandstone cliffs and stunning views perfect for surfing, fishing, walks on the beach, and other picnic games.

If you’d like a downtown view, choose Shoreline Park. Enjoy soft winds and great views while munching on picnic appetizers and snacks.

Choose the best day of the week for a picnic.

Saturday is the busiest day for picnics in San Diego, so if you choose this day, be sure to plan in advance and come early to secure a spot. Otherwise, choose Sunday or a weekday for more space and a quieter atmosphere. 

Obtain a permit (for large picnics).

If you’re hosting a business picnic, you’ll need a permit from the City of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department. Picnic People has been hosting picnics for decades and we’re happy to take care of the legalities for you.

Plan the food.

Picnic food can be your favorite comfort food, like hamburgers and potato salad, or handcrafted charcuterie boards with fine wine and dessert. Picnic People has three BBQ menus offering Hawaiian Kamaaina Luau, South of the Border Mexican food, and Classic country BBQ. Give us a call to plan your picnic menu and we’ll make sure everyone’s thrilled with the food options.

Keep food temperatures safe.

If you’re making the food yourself, be sure to keep hot food hot with the right equipment. If you’ll be making BBQ with charcoal, be sure to dispose of the coals properly and never bury them in the sand.

Bring the fun.

If your picnic is at the beach, a few games everyone will enjoy include frisbee golf, sand castle building competition, and volleyball. If your picnic is at the park, consider playing bocce ball and cornhole.

Don’t forget to clean up.

Last but not least, bring extra trash bags so you can leave the park or beach as clean as you found it for every San Diegoan to enjoy.

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