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San Diego Event Coordinator Tips & Tricks

What does it take to put on a truly spectacular event in San Diego? Experience, hard work, creativity, problem-solving, and…BBQ. Or tacos. Or both? Read our blog for our pro event coordinators’ top tips.

San Diego Picnic Theme: Polynesian Paradise

Everyone wants to spend a day in a tropical paradise, so why not make your picnic one? A Polynesian Paradise-themed picnic is a sure way to enchant your guests with the exciting music, flavors and atmosphere of the Polynesian islands. We’ll help you throw an...

The Hottest San Diego Picnic Deal of the Summer 2018!

There is still time to take advantage of the best summer picnic deal in our 30+ year history. If you contact us today, then you can get $800 worth of picnic entertainment for free!

San Diego Picnic Theme: Mr. Sun’s Summer Camp

Ah, summer! The sunniest season of them all brings happiness, great weather and, for many, fond memories of summer camp. That’s why one of our 2018 San Diego picnic themes is Mr. Sun’s Summer Camp, a celebration of childhood fun and nostalgia. This theme is...

San Diego Company Picnic Theme: All-American Celebration

Celebrating the summer with coworkers, friends and family at a company picnic is a beloved American pastime. What better way is there to honor that than to make your company picnic an All-American Celebration. Of course, being American is about more than just apple pie....

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