How to Plan a Company Anniversary Party

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Anniversaries are a great reason to come together and have a good time, and that is especially true for company anniversary celebrations.

If you are in charge of planning your company’s anniversary party, we have created a how-to guide that is chalk-filled with business anniversary celebration ideas just for you.

How to Plan a Company Anniversary Party

Planning a company anniversary has never been this easy.  Here is your guide to creating a flawlessly fun company anniversary picnic that you and your coworkers will love.

There are six main steps when first beginning the planning process for your company’s anniversary party:

1. Be aware of the big stuff

Before you can do anything else, select a date (with the boss’ approval) and time for this company anniversary party.  Also, you should already know just how many years you’re celebrating (i.e. 40th anniversary, 22nd anniversary, etc.) because it will probably play a role in the remaining picnic planning steps.

TIP:  Having trouble selecting a date? Try a weekday picnic!  Venue selections are usually more available during the week, plus employees can come right after work and these picnics usually have better attendance as well.

2. Select your location

A great venue makes for an even more perfect celebration, so choosing a locale for your company’s anniversary party is an important piece of the party planning process.  If you’re having trouble finding the right venue, we can help!  With plenty of partnerships in a variety of areas throughout the San Diego area, Picnic People would be happy to assist you with finding the optimal spot for your company’s anniversary picnic party.  We even help clients and companies pull picnic permits for the appropriate outdoor venues.

3. Get your guest count together

Find out if this company anniversary celebration is going to be office staff-only, family-friendly, kid-friendly or an all-adults extravaganza.  Knowing they types of guests you’ll be inviting is crucial when tackling the rest of the anniversary party planning items.

4. Choose a theme

Themed events are memorable events, and what better way to get the whole crew involved in this special company anniversary party than by immersing them in the theme?  Choose a theme that best fits your group (taking your guest list and count into consideration), and run with it throughout the rest of the anniversary celebration elements.  The best themes are themes that can incorporate décor, menu items, entertainment and more.  Bonus points for those who fit their anniversary number in the theme.

5. Choose your menu

Select a menu that fits your theme, such as BBQ for a Wild West theme, or Mexican-style fiesta for a south-of-the-border good time.

6. Decorate and entertain

Your theme should be worked into your decorations and entertainment, meaning that everything from your place settings to your music choices should correspond.  Be sure to commemorate your company’s anniversary party throughout the themed décor, adding in the number of years you’re celebrating and the company’s name on items such as a custom tablecloth, signage and/or giveaways.

7. Enjoy

Self-explanatory!  Take the time to enjoy all your hard work and planning by actually participating in your company anniversary party.  Let your picnic or party planner takeover and go grab yourself a juicy cheeseburger. You’ve earned it.

Need help planning any of the above?  Picnic People would love to help you sort out all of the details of your event, from theme selection to décor and menu execution and even entertainment options.

For more about how Picnic People can help you plan your company’s anniversary picnic celebration, check out our menu ideas.

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